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Event Space Rental Rates

We want to host your next event!
Wedding Venue    Birthday Venue    Meetings    Family Gatherings    Special Occasions

Pricing is subjected to change due to the nature of each individual events.  Call (434) 349-1230 or submit a request for specific pricing. 

                                                Monday-Friday                    Monday-Friday                            Saturday                     
Time                                            Daytime                               After 5 p.m.                             After 5 p.m.     

Base Rate                               $200($50hr)                             $300($75hr)                            $600($100hr)              

Included Time                         min. 4 hrs                               min. 4 hrs                               min. 6 hrs                       

Ea. Additional Hr.                        $50                                           $50                                            $50                                

3 Guest Rooms                   $215.25 per night                     $215.25 per night                      $330 per night         


Event Reservations
One month before the event full details are to be provided on the plan for set-up, clean up, and catering. At this time the full payment is due. The security deposit is in addition to the payment and will be refunded within a week of the event after rental inspection. 

Host is responsible for set-up and clean-up (2-hours set-up and 1-hour break-down/clean-up are included in event rental fee). If additional time is required for set-up please allot this time in  booking calculations. You will be at risk of losing your security deposit if the set-up and break-down time is insufficient.

A security deposit of $150.00 is required to secure your reservation along with a signed Rental and Deposit Agreement.
Refund Policy: Your rental security deposit is non-refundable if you cancel the event within 60 days of the event. There is a $150 fee for canceling prior to 60 days.

Since the event is likely to disturb other non-related guests of the Bed and Breakfast the rooms must also be rented for the night of the event. 


Cancelation and Refund Policy

Cancellation Fee (60 days prior to the event) Security deposit forfeited by the renter.

Late Cancellation Fee (canceling 30 days up to 14 days before your event)  50%  the Original Rental Fees will be forfeited by the renter. $150 security deposit will be refunded.

Last Minute Cancellation Fee (Cancellation or no show within 14 days of your event):  100% of Original Rental Fees will be forfeited by the renter.  $150 security deposit will be refundednt.

Furnishings for Event

Outside rental agencies must provide tables, chairs, and other necessary supplies(including catering) for parties over 50 people.

Rental items may be delivered the day before an event.

Rental items must be broken down and neatly stored immediately after your event.

Rental items must be picked up the day after the event or the Monday after the event if the event was held on a weekend.

The space must be left in pre-event condition one hour after your event. For evening parties everything must be cleared out and cleaned prior to 12 midnight.


Event guests must head out by 11 PM.

Guests staying at the Bed and Breakfast can visit in the common areas inside or outside until 11:30 PM.

If you or your guests don’t play by the rules you may lose your deposit 🙁

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